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TI Editor
To change TI58C programs, as '.T59', '.Lst' or '.T58', a text editor better than notepad, because dedicated to these formats.
tieditor.zip  (2023.04.19) tieditor.exe  (2023.04.19)

Languages :

  • You can also download the manual :

  • TIeditorEN.pdf TIeditorEN.djvu   English manual   (2019.10.12)
    TIeditorFR.pdf TIeditorFR.djvu   Manuel français   (2019.10.12)

    TI GenTxt
    A tool to generate the OP instructions for the printer or the display.
    tigentxt.zip  (2019.10.10) tigentxt.exe  (2019.10.10)

    Languages :

  • You can also download the manual :

  • TIGenTxtEN.pdf TIGenTxtEN.djvu   English manual   (2019.10.10)
    TIGenTxtFR.pdf TIGenTxtFR.djvu   Manuel français   (2019.10.10)

    TI GenHelp
    Tool to build an help file for a TI program.
    tigenhlp.zip  (2023.04.19) tigenhlp.exe  (2023.04.19)

    Languages :

  • You can also download the manual :

  • TIGenHlpEN.pdf TIGenHlpEN.djvu   English manual   (2020.05.07)
    TIGenHlpFR.pdf TIGenHlpFR.djvu   Manuel français   (2020.05.07)

    also generates the standard size card, the calculator skin card, and the HTML help

    TI Skins Mixer
    Mix the existing skins...
    tiskinmixer.zip  (2019.10.14) tiskinmixer.exe  (2019.10.14)

  • You can also download the manual :

  • TISkinMixEN.pdf TISkinMixEN.djvu   English manual   (2019.10.14)
    TISkinMixFR.pdf TISkinMixFR.djvu   Manuel français   (2019.10.14)

    TI Codes
    Quick code keying, to recapture the old programs.
    ticodes.zip  (2019.10.08) ticodes.exe  (2019.10.08)

  • You can also download the manual :

  • TICodesEN.pdf TICodesEN.djvu   English manual   (1970.01.01)
    TICodesFR.pdf TICodesFR.djvu   Manuel français   (1970.01.01)


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